Two amazing bits of music.  

Posted by Agnes Regina

Here is one of the loveliest motets I've heard in a long time, in Italian: Leo XIII's poem Neve non tocca, to the Immaculate Conception, beautifully set by Father Lorenzo Perosi (a dear friend of St. Pius X and composer to the Vatican during his pontificate.)

And here is Edvard Grieg's marvelous Ave Maris Stella.

Top Ten Signs You Know You're In St. Marys  

Posted by The Glo-ness

10) Wearing pants makes you the talk of the town.

9) You haven't seen a pagan in weeks. (Kidding! That one's kinda harsh)

8) Social functions include multiple priests.

7) You walk into a restaurant and are greeted with the sight of a statue of St. Joseph.

6) You show up to Mass on Sunday and half the office is there.

5) You can't go ANYWHERE without running into a Trad you know(and this is both a blessing and a curse, lol).

4) You have company prayers every morning.

3) You look over and see your boss reading the biography of St. Joseph on his lunchbreak.

2) You go to view an apartment, and see that it comes pre-marked with the epiphany chalk-marks on the doorway.

And the number one sign you've hit the Trad big-time:

1) You wake up and decide you'll scoot in a bit late, because what the hey? It's Tuesday 11AM mass, but then get there and realize with dismay, that it's standing room only.