Seven Quick Takes Friday (Volume 2: Glo-style)  

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NOTE: I've been on a major business/finance mental odyssey with a lot of book-reading going on, so a lot of my quick takes are gonna revolve around that. :)

1) In the book, Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki says that we are headed for a full-fledged Depression in the next few years. Uh-oh...I guess it's time to step up my game (business game, that is).

2) In that vein, I'm kicking around the idea of expanding my housecleaning into running crews or possibly starting another business and phasing out housecleaning. Who knows? In any case I'm restless and need a new challenge. :)

3) There were gay guys KISSING outside my house yesterday morning!!!! I was SO grossed out, I didn't know what to do!!! (Am I allowed to call the cops on them?)

4) I have become a Donald Trump fan. Yes. That's right. THE Donald Trump. I used to think he was just some dumb rich guy, but then I read a book he co-wrote with Robert Kiyosaki (who is one of my absolutely favorite authors) and I found DT to be surprisingly down-to-earth, so...

5) I read the book "Think Big and Kick Ass In Business and Life" by Donald Trump, and well, he's not Catholic, so obviously I didn't agree with everything he said, but for the most part, the book RAWKED!!! I plan on reading it again! :)

6) Wednesday was the Day of Grossness: I dropped my tweezers in the toilet and had to fish them out, and then I found a huge bug on my kitchen floor. Apparently he had passed on, thank God, all I had to do was sweep him up, but still, it was GROSS. Bugs-Ew!!

7) My Easter dress STILL isn't here, boohoo. Although according the the EMS tracking site, as of April 20th it is currently in Shanghai. Sigh...the wait continues.

Father Baker's Box  

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Here is a question I found while doing senior research on Father Nelson H. Baker. He printed a monthly newsletter called The Victorian and inside he would answer questions about the Faith among other things from jokes and anecdotes, to recipes and information about his Charity Homes. I thought this was interesting coming from a January 1927 issue.

"Why cannot a girl serve mass; why must a girl wear a hat in church?"~J.B.

A girl may not serve mass because the Church has decreed that only men and boys may do so. It is in the mind of the Church that her services be carried on and executed by men. Our Lord in instituting the Priesthood chose men and the Church following His example has chosen men to fulfill the function of the ministry. A server in assisting the priest at mass is taking the part of a "minister" or helper who in the early ages of Christianity was known always as an acolyte and who received a special blessing or ordination for his office. The order of acolytes is still a "part" of the ministry of the Church. It is a sacred tradition the "women must keep silence in the church." That is, take no active part in the performance of the public liturgy. This is meant, not as a slight, but as an expression of the Divine law that men were "created to rule." It would be unbecoming for women to go out of their place to take the place meant especially for men.

St. Paul made it a rule that women should keep their heads covered while in church. In formulating this law the Apostle meant to show the respectful attitude women ought to display when in the presence of God and also in the presence of the "stronger sex." The custom is only one of the particular enumerations of eastern legislation which always made it imperative for women to veil themselves when in public. "The man ought indeed to cover his head, because he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of the man." (1 Cor. xi: 7) Whether this is agreeable to the modern spirit of emancipation of women, we leave to others to decide.

Baker, Father Nelson. The Victorian. January 1927 issue.

(The pictures I supplied myself and were not part of The Victorian)


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A happy and blessed Easter to you all! Here's another hymn-translation to celebrate the Feast:

All together, joyfully
Making woe and sadness flee,
Let the Church be joined to raise
Mary's honour and her praise:
Virgo Maria!

Who in joyful, glad surprise
When the Lord again did rise
Flowered like the lily mild,
Seeing her arisen Child:
Virgo Maria!

Whom with glad united lays
All the choirs of heaven praise;
So we join the heavenly throng
In a new and gladsome song;
Virgo Maria!

O thou Queen of Virgins fair,
Hear thy children's humble prayer;
When the strife of death is o'er
Grant us life forevermore,
Virgo Maria!

O thou glorious Trinity,
Undivided Unity,
By Maria's merits free
May we saved forever be:
Virgo Maria!

Happy Easter!  

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May you all be filled with the joy of the risen Lord and may He shower you all with His grace! From the Sequence in today's Mass:

Forth to the paschal Victim,
Christians, bring your sacrifice of praise: 
The Lamb redeems the sheep;
And Christ the sinless One,
Hath to the Father sinners reconciled.

Together, death and life in a strange conflict strove.
The Prince of life, who died,
Now lives and reigns. 

What thou sawest, Mary, say,
As though wentest on the way. 
I saw the tomb wherein the living one had lain, 
I saw His glory as He rose again;
 Napkin and linen clothes, and angels twain:

Yea, Christ is risen, my hope, and He 
Will go before you into Galilee. 

We know that Christ indeed has risen from the grave: 
Hail, thou King of Victory,
Have mercy, Lord, and save. Amen. Alleluia.