To Be Catholic, Or Not To Be  

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What happened? Where did we go wrong? How is it that a college named after a saint, with Catholic foundations, and a President who is a nun could, wait... oh never mind.

I knew right from the start that D'Youville
College was not a Catholic college, but I had no idea how far they had fallen until this year. As a Student Association Senator, classmate, and overall nice guy (don't laugh) I have had the chance to talk with or overhear people's concerns and questions regarding the College and it's Catholicity. One of the most frequent questions asked is whether or not the school is actually Catholic. If you need to ask that, then the answer is no. But for all intensive purposes here are a few pointers.

Last year the school paper, which I write for now, apparently published an article which gave the pros and cons of abortion. That's right, PROS and cons. At least the report is that President Sister Denise flipped out so there is some hope I guess. After that incident the paper has been more careful to not touch on such "controversial material". But the mentality still exists within the school.

During our last Student Association meeting there was a club representative present to bring forward their club constitution and to be considered for school recognition as an official club. Without going into too much detail, the club's name is Alliance and their logo involves a whole rainbow of colors. After minimal discussion in which it was clear that my fellow senators had no idea of the ideals and beliefs of St. Marguerite D'Youville they took a vote. The club was accepted almost unopposed. Open the closets! Hugs all round!

The saddest point is the total renouncement of Catholic upbringing by my classmates. In a conversation before class it was discovered that several of my classmates had been baptized "against their will". Okay, 1: what will did you have at that age and 2: If you really don't believe in any of it what difference does it make to you whether you were baptized or not? Why do you have to make being a Catholic sound so uncool? What's not cool about being a Catholic? If you're reading this I want you to comment on what makes being Catholic cool. But I digress. It seems as though Catholics are almost second class citizens or evil or something. Why all the hate?

I'm not saying that I expected D'Youville College to be Catholic when I applied here. I would have as easily gone elsewhere if they had the same program I am in right now. It's just I don't like it when people are shown vestiges of something that is not there, namely Catholicism. For anyone who is considering becoming a nurse or a teacher, the school has great programs here. Academically it is pretty good and, taken with a large grain of salt, will be very useful. I just wouldn't come here thinking of making lifelong friends or meeting soul mates (typically either an MR or MRS degree). Isn't that what St. Mary's is for? j/k

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A sad-but-true tale of one more of those Catholic-in-name-only colleges. Webster University, my own college, at least does not keep up the pretense; it is no longer run by the Sisters of Loretto and does not call itself a Catholic college, and I'm glad it's that honest, at least... :(

LOL at the ending...

December 17, 2009 at 4:43 PM

Catholics are cool!!

December 19, 2009 at 3:40 PM

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